Southern Star Wood Display Cases and Civil War Relic Bullets

This is a great seller of custom wood cases and pre mounted Civil War Bullets. I just Bought the first one for $14.99 with shipping. These are real dug bullets not replicas. Here's a link to their store Southern Star

.58 Caliber Bullet & Percussion Cap in Matted Display Case

 Civil War Bullets 36 Authentic Bullets in Matted Display Case

Civil War Era Henry Cartridge in Matted Display Case


The Encyclopedia of Shotgun Shell Boxes

If you can find one of these buy it, they are very hard to find. This out of print first edition soft cover reference book considered by many as the "Bible" of shotgun shell box collecting.  The book contains 212 pages of high quality full color images.  Covers of 98%-99% of all 2 pc. and some 1 pc. boxes manufactured in the US.  The book remains sealed in original shipping plastic, color plates, values and comparative rarity values assigned to each box.  A must for serious shotgun shell box collector.   Out of print now for over 10 years.

My Latest Purchase Antique WINCHESTER 100 #2 primer caps 1878

Antique WINCHESTER 100 #2 primer caps center fire pistol caps

Can anybody tell me anything about them??

Shotgun Shell Box Collections

Shotgun Shell boxes are great to collect they always have interesting artwork and colorful designs. A lot of people use these to line bookshelves or display in the man cave. Some of the more rare ones are quite valuable.

Another Nice Vintage Homemade Ammo Display

200 rounds of ammo set into a display case. These rounds range from the 1860's through the early 1960's and come from all parts of the globe.Looks like he used wire to hold the cartridges in place.

A Nice Collection of Antique Ammo and Boxes

Some Exotic Ammo and Pistol Cartridges

Wildcat/ Exotic Ammo

American Standard - Bullet Poster Rifle and Handgun Cartridges

The American Standard bullet poster is full color - 36" wide and 24" tall. Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). The poster includes all American Standardized Cartridges (Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun) available January 2012, military surplus and a few bonus cartridges as well. The poster displays 165 unique rifle cartridges, 55 handgun cartridges, and 9 different shotgun gauges. AVAILABLE HERE

Big Bore Rifle Cartridges / Classic Safari Big Game Calibers

Teddy Roosevelt used a Winchester 1895 chambered in .405 Winchester to take Africa's "big five", and everything that walks or crawls in North and South America with the combination.

Vintage and Antique Ammo Boxes

Vintage Store Display Ammo Bullet Boards

Shotgun Shell Gauge Size Comparison

Comparison Picture of Shotgun Shell Sizes
Size comparison of shotgun gauges from .410 up to 4 gauge. The 8gauge and 4 gauge are both pretty rare these days but are still used in industrial shotguns.

A Couple of Simple Ammo Comparison Charts

Sometimes it helps to have a visual comparison of different ammo calibers and sizes, especially when you're looking at purchasing a firearm in a caliber you're not familiar with. These pictures should be helpful.
More ammo caliber and size comparison charts
Rimfire Ammo Cartridges ID and Comparison Flobert- .25 long
Rimfire Ammo Cartridges ID and Comparison Rim-Fire

Some Nice Ammo Collections Pictures