Bullet and Ammo Cartridge Comparison Reference Charts By Manufacturer

Here are some great ammo picture/spec. reference charts that have been provided by various bullet and ammo makers over the years.
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Sierra Bullet Visual Reference Chart
Sierra Bullet Chart
Sierra has this great display chart that lists all their current production bullets.
How to Order a Free Sierra Bullets Catalog
You can also get a free, paper copy of this poster with all Sierra’s bullet types, calibers, sizes and specs. The Sierra Bullets catalog has an insert that folds out into a large poster for your shop or gun room display. To order the current Sierra Catalog visit Sierra’s Catalog Request Page.

Speer makes this excellent chart of all their Law Enforcement Ammo with bullet expansion photos for .223 rifle up to .45 auto.
Speer Gold Dart Law Enforcement  Ammo Chart
Speer Gold Dart Law Enforcement  Ammo Chart