Swiss Vetterli .41 cal rimfire ammo Rare Antique

8 rounds of .41 Swiss Vetterli cartridges in an original pack. These are all original Swiss Military. The cartridge headstamps have the Swiss cross. All cartridges are in good condition and are loaded. The package is original Swiss military also. Value : Sold For $85.00

.38 Long Colt Smokeless UMC Vintage 2pc Sealed Box

.38 Long Colt Smokeless UMC Vintage 2pc Sealed Box
 Nice condition box of Remington UMC .38 Long Colt Smokeless ammunition. Still sealed two piece box.

WWII British Enfield No 2 MK I Tanker Revolver in .38 Caliber

WWII British Enfield No 2 MK I Tanker Revolver .38
Here is a nice example of a WWII Enfield Revolver made for both tank crew operators and pilots due to the bobbed hammer. This on is in good to very good condition and has a 5" barrel with a bright shiny bore. The action is smooth and the lockup is tight and this shows the typical wear to the British paint finish and every thing seems to be original with matching serials.

Bernardon-Martin 1907 French Auto Pistol .32 7.65

Bernardon-Martin 1907 French Auto Pistol .32 7.65
 I bought this as a project but I didn't really have the time to properly restore to working order, so I passed it on to another collector. Bernardon-Martin M1907 Semi-Auto Pistol, 1908(est) St-Etienne Production, Thai(Siamese) Service, .32 acp, S/N: 1019 One of the rarest semi-auto production pistols, the Bernardon-Martin 1907 was the very first domestically-produced semi-auto pistol on the French commercial market. With details on the pistol scarce, and what little information available often conflicting, the history and production totals are virtually unknown, but estimates place the number of units made at less than 2,000. Presumably seeing no official military use in Europe, this example is made more scarce by the presence of Siamese property markings on the grip and backstrap. It is thought that the pistol was given to the Kingdom of Siam as part of a military aid package, or it may have made it's way via French Indochina. In any case, this Mannlicher-inspired weapon is a highly desirable collectible that would be at home in an advanced collection or museum. Condition: Is fair with the pistol retaining 25-30% of the original bluing. Markings have faded slightly, but are still legible. Metal surfaces are generally rough, with no active rust and no deep pitting. Mechanical function is a mixed bag-the pistol appears to be missing it's striker, but looks to be otherwise functional. Also missing is the magazine, but amazingly, reproductions are available via Triple K. Original hard rubber grips show damage and wear with the top portion of the left grip missing. A worthy gunsmith project, this historically important pistol would be the pride of many collections.
Bernardon-Martin 1907 French Auto Pistol .32 7.65

Don't Flaunt The MOAB Too Much Because Daddy is Russian!

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB pronounced /ˈmoʊ.æb/, commonly known as the Mother of All Bombs) is a large-yield conventional (non-nuclear) bomb, developed for the United States military by Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory. At the time of development, it was touted as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed.The bomb was designed to be delivered by a C-130 Hercules, primarily the MC-130E Combat Talon I or MC-130H Combat Talon II variants. The MOAB is the largest conventional bomb ever used in combat after being deployed in Afghanistan on 13 April 2017.
GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast MOAB
GBU-43/B USA Massive Ordnance Air Blast MOAB 
In 2007, Russia tested its "Father of All Bombs", which is claimed to be four times as powerful as the MOAB.
GBU-43/B USA Massive Ordnance Air Blast M.O.A.B. The bomb is reportedly four times as powerful as the US military's GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (whose official military acronym "MOAB" is often unofficially rendered as "Mother of All Bombs"). This Russian device would therefore be the most powerful conventional (non-nuclear) weapon in the world. The veracity of Russia's claims concerning the weapon's size and power have been questioned by US defense analysts. (source Wikipedia)
Russian FOAB father of all bombs – kõikide pommide isa)
 Russia's FOAB Father Of All Bombs – kõikide pommide isa
According to General Alexander Rushkin, the Russian deputy chief of staff, the new bomb is smaller than the MOAB but much deadlier because the temperature at the centre of the blast is twice as high. He says the bomb's capabilities are comparable to nuclear weapons, but unlike nuclear weaponry known for its radioactive fallout, use of the weapon does not damage or pollute the environment beyond the blast radius.
In comparison, the MOAB produces the equivalent of 11 tons of TNT from 8 tons of high explosive. The blast radius of the FOAB is 300 meters, almost double that of the MOAB, and the temperature produced is twice as high.