.22 Ammo Boxes Vintage and Collectable

Now these are some expensive .22 Shorts! at Auction HERE
Union Cap & Chemical Co., RIM FIRE, .22 Caliber ShortFULL
High Velocity, Swaged Bullets, Value: $600 to $1200 for a full box

UC&C Rare Antique .22 Ammo Box

American Metallic Cart. Co., .22 Short R.F. CARTRIDGES, 2pc

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.22 Long Shot Western Ammo East Alton Ill. USA

JC Higgins Copper .22 LR Vintage Box Xtra Range

Winchester 5 Star Box

Smith, Hall And Farmer Antique Ammo Box

Federal Non Fouling .22 Ammo Vintage Box

Lesmok Palma Match .22 LR Box

Red Blue Staynless .22 LR Vintage Box

Peters QuickShot .22 Short Ammo Box

Clinton Ammo Box .22 Short

Peters Antique Ammo Box Smokeless .22

UMC .22 RF Ammo Box Antique

Spotlight Win. .22 Ammo Vintage Box Full Correct

Leader Win. .22 Ammo Box
Antique 22 Long Winchester Box

Antique 22 Winchester Box Rare Precision 200

Vintage 22 Winchester Smokeless w/ Picture