Military Ammo Cartridge Comparison Charts

 Most of these charts are of cartridges used primarily for military applications. They can provide a good visual reference for comparison or collecting purposes.
Military Cartridges Comparison Aircraft Cannon etc
Aircraft Cannon and Military Ammunition
Ammunition and Projectile Comparison Chart
Military Ammo Cartridges and Bullet Projectiles Chart
Visual Military Ammo Comparison Graph
Military Ammunition Visual Chart

American War Rifles

Listed below are the main battle rifles of America's major wars and conflicts. These are the most widely issued or used primary small arms for each conflict starting with the American revolution.

American Revolutionary War : (1775–1783) Muzzle Loading Flintlock Musket Large Caliber Smooth Bore
Revolutionary War Rifle US

American Civil War : (1861–1865) Springfield Rifle Musket Various Calibers
Springfield Rifle Musket Civil War
World War I : Bolt Action M1903 Springfield Rifle cal. .30 Government 30/06
WWI Issue Springfield 1903
World War II and Korean War : M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle cal. .30 Government aka 30/06
WWII Issue Army M1 Garand
 Vietnam War : M16 A1 Selective Fire Automatic High Capacity Rifle cal. 5.56
Vietnam Issue M-16
Desert Storm/ Desert Shield/ Iraqi Freedom : M-16 A2/A4 Selective Fire Automatic High Capacity Rifle cal. 5.56 often updated with various tactical gear to suit various mission needs.
Modern M-16

You can only have one gun.....

Nice Gun Collection
Nice Gun Collection
This is kind of like the old you're stranded on a desert island thing except we want to know what gun you would choose if you could only have one for the rest of your life. I know that’s a really frightening scenario for most of my fellow gun nuts but it's only for fun.

   To make it even more fun that one gun can be any gun in the world, no price limit. So what would you choose? Bear in mind that this would be the only gun you could EVER have or use so it would have be good for whatever sporting activities you enjoy.

   And of course for all you preppers it would have to get you through any forthcoming apocalypse or commie inbred mutant zombie invasion. Please give us your choice and reason in the comment box below, and please be specific.
Let the debate begin!

Smith & Wesson Revolver .32 Safety Hammerless

S&W Smith & Wesson revolver .32 Safety HammerlessS&W 32 Safety Hammerless
The  Smith & Wesson .32 Safety Hammerless were top-break revolvers designed for fast reloading and were named "The New Departure". They were also nicknamed the "lemon squeezer" because of the grip mounted pressure sensitive safety.
This is one I picked up recently in great shape and I believe it to be a factory refinish of the nickel plating. It has mother of pearl grips and a nickel finish. There is a small star after the serial number on the bottom of the grip, I am told this indicates a factory reconditioning. I won't know for certain until I write Mr. Roy Jinks at S&W for a factory letter.