Vintage Peters Ad Featuring Grizzley Bear

Vintage Peters Ad Featuring Grizzley Bear
One of my favorite Vintage Ammo Ads This one for Peters 30/06

Western and Winchester 30-30 Bear Boxes Highly Collectable

Western and Winchester 30-30 Bear Box
Western and Winchester Vintage Bear Box 30-30

Merkel RX Helix

 The RX Helix form Merkel of Germany has a universal action length that covers calibers from .222 Rem to .300 Win Mag. Changing calibers (or chamberings) takes less than a minute with the appropriate barrel, bolt-head and magazine. Weaver rails are integrated into the action, and iron sights with three-dot rear and one-dot front fiber-optic inserts are standard. It is also a straight pull bolt and is very popular in parts of Europe.See video HERE

Belgium Made Pin Fire Revolver

Belgium Made Pin Fire Revolver
Does anyone know anything about this revolver? I think it is Belgian, pre 1900but not sure it has markings on the barrel. Also has anyone done any repair work on one of these all parts seem to be here and they all move but the hammer spring seems to be broken or missing. I haven't taken it apart yet. Any comments or insight would be appreciated please use comment link below.

Cutaway Views of Various Ammunition Cartridges

Cutaway Views of Various Ammunition Cartridges
Ammo Cut In Half to show internals
The "AMMO" series by American artist Sabine Pearlman, based in California, which exposes us to the anatomy of weapons through an impressive collection of ammunition dissected, literally cut in half to reveal their internal composition. Sabine Pearlman has photographed more than 900 different types of ammunition ...

Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistol

 Mars pistol cartridges: from left to right, .45 Short Mars, .45 Long Mars, .360 Mars, and 8.5mm Mars (aka .335 Mars)
First production prototype made by Webley in 1898 and production ceasing by 1907.

4-Barrel "Reform" Brevete Pocket Pistol

These .25 caliber pistols were made in Germany from 1905-1914 called a rising bar pistol and a repeater.

Bergmann Simplex 8mm Semi-Automatic Pistol the M1910/21

 Produced in the early 1900s, the Simplex was an improvement on Bergmann's 1896 semi-auto pistol.This one can be purchased HERE

Actual Bullet Performance For Big Game using .458 and .375 S.T.

Kill shot bullets retrieved from big game and dangerous game animals. 

Sears Roebuck and CO. Fall 1900 Flobert and .22 Rifles

A page from the old Sears Roebuck and Co. mail order catalog showing their selection of rim fire single shot rifles. Some of the Flobert type rifles listed were the Remington System Flobert and the Warnant System Flobert. Among others were The New Pieper Rifle, The Crack Shot Take Down in .22 short, Remington New Model No. 4, The Quackenbush Safety Cartridge Rifle, and The Thumb Trigger Rifle

The Dardick Model 1500 magazine-fed revolver

Firing triangular polymer cartridges (or "Trounds"), the Dardick was a novel handgun that could be made into a carbine, combining the operating features of the revolver and the magazine capacity of the semi-automatic.

1927 Bannerman Catalogue of Military Goods Surplus Rifles

Look at the prices for these surplus rifles. I'd like to place an order! Bannerman's was started by Francis Bannerman IV was a military surplus dealer that published a 300 page catalog of military items. They sold everything from hats to cannons. They stopped publication in 1960 but not before Francis Bannerman built his own Island castle and supply house known as Bannerman's Castle.

The Krag-Jorgensen Rifle M1898 Krag-Jorgensen Details and Accessories

The Krag-Jorgensen Rifle was designed by the Norwegian Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jorgensen in 1886, the Army of the United States purchased some of the M1898 Krag-Jorgensen Rifles for use in the 1898 Spanish-American War. It was adopted as a standard arm by Denmark, the United States and Norway. Over 700,000 of the rifles were manufactured.A distinctive feature of the Krag-Jørgensen action was its magazine, the cartridges were inserted through the side opening, and were pushed up, around, and into the action by a spring follower. Unlike most top-loading magazines the Krag-Jørgensen's magazine could be topped up without opening the rifle's bolt.
Krag-Jorgensen Bayonet 

 .30-40 Krag (US Krags)
 Krag-Jorgensen cartridge belt
 Krag-Jorgensen US Army Manual
 Krag-Jorgensen oiler and cleaning rod
Krag-Jorgensen rear sight
 Krag-Jorgensen Bolt Assembly Detail
 Soldier with Krag Jorgenson
Krag-Jorgensen Specifications

Country Norway
Type Rifle
Manufacturer Krag-Jorgensen
Introduction 1886


Weight 3.375 kg / 7.5 lb to 5.157 kg / 11.46 lb depending on model
Length 986 mm / 38.8 in to 1328 mm / 52.28 in depending on model
Barrel length 520 mm / 20.5 in to 832 mm / 32.78 in depending on model

Cartridge 8x58R rimmed (Danish Krags)
.30-40 Krag (US Krags)
6.5 x 55 rimless (Norwegian Krags)
Action Bolt action
Rate of fire N/A
Muzzle velocity 580 m/s (1900 ft/s) to 870 m/s (2854 ft/s) depending on ammunition
Effective range 900 m (3,000 ft)
Feed system 5 round magazine
Sights V-notch and front post

.22 Ammo and Box Collecting

There are a lot of companies that manufacture .22 rim-fire ammunition and a few companies that aren't around any more. What is fascinating to me is the variety of designs and marketing ideas company have put into selling their ammo over the years. Here is a list of some of the major manufactures CCI (U.S.A.)
, Eley (U.K.) ,Federal (U.S.A.), Fiocchi (Italy), Lapua (Finland), PMC (U.S.A.), Remington (U.S.A.), RWS (Germany), Winchester/Olin (U.S.A.) of course you will find there are a lot more out there. Most manufactures also market a variety of different styles usually with a catchy name like Federal Lightning, Wildcats,super x, Kleanbore, or CCI Mini Mags just to name a few. There are also different sub calibers in .22 rim-fire like .22 short, .22 long, .22 long rifle, and .22 magnum. And different special application loads and bullets like sub sonic, high velocity,hyper velocity, CBs, quiet, plinking, varmit, and shotshell. I seriously doubt anyone has collected every variation and brand manufactured over the years and in different country s but it's fun to see how many you can find especially the antique and vintage ones.

A List of United States Manufacturers of .22 ammo boxes

  • Smith & Wesson 1857-1860
  • Allen & Wheelock 1858-1864
  • H.C. Lombard & Co. 1860-1862
  • Leet, Goff & Co. 1860-1862
  • James Warner, A.S. Warner 1862-1863
  • Crittenden & Tibbals Manufacturing Co. 1862-1866
  • C.D.Leet 1862-1866
  • E. Allen, E. Allen & Co. 1864-1871
  • New York Metallic Ammunition Co. 1865-1867
  • Smith, Hall & Framer 1865-1869
  • Smith, Hall Buckland 1866-1869
  • Union Metallic Cartridge & Cap Co. 1866-1867
  • Union Metallic Cartridge Co. (UMC) 1867-1911
  • American Metallic Ammunition Co. 1867-1870
  • Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 1867 to date
  • Hall & Hubbard 1869-1874
  • United States Cartridge Co, 1869-1926
  • W. H. Mason & Co. 1870-1874
  • Forehand & Wadsworth 1871-1874
  • Phoenix Metallic Cartridge Co. 1874-1891
  • Creedmore Cartridge Co. 1890-1892
  • American Metallic Cartridge Co. 1891-1898
  • Peters Cartridge Co 1895-1962
  • Union Cap & Chemical & Co.1905-1908
  • Robin Hood Ammunition Co. 1906-1915
  • National Cartridge Co. 1908-1909
  • Western Cartridge Co. 1908-1981
  • Remington-UMC 1911-1920
  • Federal Primer Corp. 1916-1918
  • Remington Arms Co. 1920 to date
  • Federal Cartridge Corp. 1922 to date
  • Cascade Cartridge Co. 1963 to date