Old Gun and Ammo Catalogs Provide Invaluable Info For Collectors

Martin B. Redding and Phillip Jay Medicus Catalogs
Martin B. Redding 1953 and Phillip Jay Medicus (circa 1955) Catalogs
I recently picked up these two old catalogs thinking they might be interesting to look through. Once I started looking I realized there was a ton of valuable and sometimes forgotten knowledge contained in them also. There are some pretty in depth descriptions and excellent illustrations of some super rare cartridges and guns. The one page below for example shows the different model variations and options available in the Colt New Line pistols as well as some pistols I never heard of like the "Swamp Angel" or the F&W "Terror". The Medicus catalog features some unusual cartridges such as 50-110 Winchester, .236 Navy, 58 Roberts, 32 Protector, 45-70-500 Government 50-70 Martin, 52-70 Sharps, 64 Maynard Shot, 64 Hall Carbine, 44 Colt Skin, 50 Gallagher, Foil & paper, 50 Maynard Percussion, 54 Starr Linen,69 Buck & Ball. No.9 and the 36 Colt Combustible. I will try to share some more of the more interesting pages soon. 
Martin B. Redding Colt New Line
Martin B. Redding Colt New Line Page
Phillip Jay Medicus Catalog Collectors Cartridges
Phillip Jay Medicus Catalog Collectors Cartridges