Glock Internal Parts Diagrams

Inside cut away view of the Glock 17 9mm pistol. 

Glock completely disassembled and labeled to show each individual part.

Glock pistol parts diagram color coded, showing frame pins, springs, magazine assembly, and lubrication points.

Mosin Nagant Variations Chart

All Mosin Nagant Rifle Types Picture
The Mosin Nagant Family (click for larger view)

Custom B&M dangerous game rifles

CZ 550 Magnum Safari Rifles

CZ 550 Magnum rifles built on the proven Mauser bolt system. A favorite with African Professional Hunters, these rifles are available in a large selection of proven classic calibers, these include:
.300 H&H Mag, .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .458 Win Mag, .458 Lott, .404 Jeffery, .450 Rigby, .500 Jeffery and the .505 Gibbs.

Bullet Caliber Threat Level Chart

Cartridge Threat / Body Armor Level Chart

List Of Modern Sniper Rifles

Common Modern Sniper Rifles
Knights SR-25 carbine, Knights SR-25 Mark 11 Model 0, Knights SR-25 Mnd XM110 SASS, Norinco OBU-88 Type 88, SIG SG550-1 Sniper, Springfield M21/M25 SWS, TsKIB SOO SVU (0Ts-03) TsKIB SOO SVU-A/AS (0Ts-03A/AS), Vigilance Rifles VR1 PSR, KBP VSK-94, Tula Arms VSS Vintorez, Zastava M76