Newest Generation Kel-Tec PMR-9 .22 WMR Mag

The Kel-tec PMR 30 is a high capacity full size semi auto pistol chambered in .22 magnum (WMR). It was produced in a small quantity in 2012 but is now being reintroduced in 2013 with a few improvements and tweaks. The twist rate of the barrel was increased for improved accuracy and the frame was strengthened. These are still really hard to come by and most I have seen were selling far above retail due to the popularity and scarcity of them right now. The one pictured has been equipped with a Burris FastFire II red dot sight a tactical light, and a flash suppressor installed in the threaded barrel.

Rifle Ammo Caliber Comparison Cartridges Small to Large

Rifle Ammo Small to Big
In order left to right:
.17HM2; .17HMR; .22LR; .22WMR; 5.7FN; .223Rem.; .243Win.; 6mmRem.; .25-20Win.; .264WM; .270WSM; 7x57mmMauser; 7mmRUM; .30Carbine; 7.62x39mm; .30-30Win.; .308Win. (actually 7.62NATO tracer); .303British (Cordite charge with Cupro-nickel jacket projectile); .30-06; .300WM; .300Wby.; 8x57mmMauser; .35Rem.; .375H .45-70Govt.; .458WM; .460Wby.; .50Beowulf; .50BMG (AP); .577NE; .577T-Rex; 12GaFH; .700NE; and finally Mr. Hubel's 4Bore.

NEDG Glock Double Gun is Never Empty!

 Look out Zombies here comes double trouble!!
Two Glock 17's Become One bad-ass weapon!
What makes the NEDG unique is that it allows its operator to clear a jam, or reload the weapon, while simultaneously maintaining it in a ‘live fire’ or ‘ready’ status, ensuring the operator is always able to fire the unit ‘immediately and without hesitation’ – even if they are in the middle of a process that would normally render them defenseless. The combination of this unique feature, as well as it’s capacity to hold twice as much ammunition as a conventional firearm, helped to give this weapon the ‘Never-Empty’ moniker. pre-order here

Kilimanjaro African 375 H&H Custom Rifles

Kilimanjaro Custom Rifle
Kilimanjaro Custom Safari Rifle
The Kilimanjaro Custom Rifle
The Pinnacle Of Strength, Beauty & Accuracy In The Finest Full Custom
Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle.
Kilimanjaro Rifle
 Kilimanjaro Rifles are all hand-crafted in the Flathead Valley of Montana, home to the finest firearms craftsmen in the world.  While our administrative offices are based in Honolulu, the long-time home of our founder, all production is undertaken in our facilities and shops in the rugged beauty of northern Montana where hunting and firearms are not just a sport, but a way of life. A hundred and more years ago, the finest firearms craftsmen could be found in the workshops of the famous London gun houses; today, it is in Montana.  To achieve the excellence we demand, Kilimanjaro utilizes an old world production style.  We avoid a central manufacturing facility where people report to work for a “job”.  Rather, we find that the finest work is accomplished in multiple small shops where each craftsman is in full control of his or her environment, free of distractions, and able to devote undivided attention to the creation of the world’s finest hunting rifles.
Kilimanjaro Custom Safari Gun

Double Rifle Shotgun Ferlach Austrian Combination Cape Gun 16 Ga SxS 9.3

Rifle Shotgun Ferlach Austrian Combination Cape Gun
 Chambered in 16 gauge (2 1/2") and 9.3x72R, built in Ferlach, Austria. It passed proof in 1907. It was built for and retailed by Goluch in Linz Austria
Austrian Combination Cape Gun