Home Made Guns (Don't Try This at Home!!)

What happens when you outlaw guns? Well for one thing people make their own. Improvised Home Built weapons from around the world that McGuyver would be proud of! Some are completely built form scratch with pipes and scrap metal others are built around actual gun parts or receivers. These are confiscated from all over the world and some look like they might be as dangerous for the shooter as they are for the target. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

Home made shotgun revolver from Chinese gangsters
Home made shotgun revolver from Chinese gangsters
Various self-made weapons seized by Russian army and police in Chechnya

Homemade Revolvers Pistols

Homebrewed AK-47 Bubba-ed up by some third world hillbillies.

Crudely made attempt at a 1911 or Hi-Power Clone Semi Auto Pistol
A very crude yet functional homemade gun made by a man in India. It is constructed mostly out of plumbing material.

An illicitly manufactured compact machine pistol of a common type seized in Brazil.

Selection of Chechen rebel Improv submachine guns
.22 Caliber Staple Gun Gun

Homemade Shotgun