1907 Savage 32 pocket pistol semi auto

1907 Savage 32 semi auto pocket pistol

The savage model  1907 .32 ACP pistol was Savage Arms Company of Utica, New York, from 1907 until 1920 in .32 ACP and from 1913 until 1920 in .380 ACP caliber. About 200 of them were produced in a .45 version and submitted to the Army to compete for the request for designs that ended up with the Colt 1911 being chosen. 
  The 1907 was mainly sold as a personal and home defense weapon and was even endorsed by Buffalo Bill Cody in an advertising campaign. The gun featured a double stack 10 round magazine one of the first of its kind. The 1907 .32 version was used produced under contract for French and Portuguese military during WWI.
Designer: Elbert Searle   Caliber: .32 ACP (7.65x17)