Best Guns for The Zombie Apocalypse or SHTF

If the shit hits the fan you'll be we'll served with this selection of firearms!

Pistol Glock 17 or 19 9mm Reasons: Ammo Readily Available and Abundant, Highly Reliable,Easy to Maintain, Easy to find Parts, Reasonably Light and Compact, User Friendly

Shotgun: Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Pump Reasons : Highly Reliable, Ammo Very Abundant, Good for small game hunting as well as close range defense,easy to use for anyone
 Primary Rifle: AR 15 or SKS or AK-47, most people will say the AR-15 but it's a matter of personal preference here. All are highly reliable,easy to maintain and repair, and both .223 and 7.62x39 are abundant. Right now it really depends on which one you can get a decent starter stockpile of ammo for.


A-47 top, SKS below
Secondary Rifle: Ruger 10-22 Take-down A secondary rifle for small game hunting and backup defense,you can use, .22 ammo is extremely abundant normally,and you can carry an insane amount of rounds if traveling on foot, plus 100 round magazine are available and practical. Any good .22 could serve this function.


  1. Please leave some comments I know you SHTF people have some opinions on this! :)

  2. Kind of hard to generate comments to argue when you've chosen reliable, sensible options. The only beef I have is the AR/AK/SKS choice. A multi-caliber AR (223/5.56) is going to be the better option, the military have ammo for it, more people hunt with it than the AK and SKS, so ammo is going to be more plentiful.

    Maybe add a bolt action to the list. Regardless of how well you treat your semi-auto, they will all eventually break. Sure it may be years down the road, but they will break. The simplicity of a bolt action will last that much longer.

  3. I agree a pair of good bolt actions are also in my arsenal, actually I have a marlin bolt right now as a .22 option and an unissued Mosin Nagant M44. I like the Mosin because it is compact, very inexpensive,a powerful round, and super reliable and easy to care for. I was able to buy plenty of 7.62x54 ammo for it cheap, and it's still easy to find at good prices even now. And they'll last forever!

  4. On a budget I would replace the Glock with a Hi Point 9mm, a Mossberg 12 pump as the Shotgun and A Mosin Nagant Rifle. You could buy all 3 and ammo for around $600 and they're all reliable and proven. A good used .22 bolt could be added for $100.

  5. I'm sorry to leave an off-topic comment, but do you by chance remember where you found the photo of the SKS rifles? The bottom one has had quite a lot of custom work done on it for the addition of that FAL lower and I would be curious as to who did it, why and how.

    1. Try here Jordy, this a link to the original post where the guy built this one another cool pic showing the assembly of parts here hope this helps. Thank you for visiting!

  6. It was not long before the smoke from the LONG TOM revealed it position to the British. The State Artillery guns on Pepworth hill showed extraordinary courage during this battle.


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