Bullet Shapes, Tips and Types and Their uses

Sabot -not used very often, mostly used for shotgun slug and black powder applications
Full Metal Jacket - offers deep penetration, cuts through obstacles, mostly used for combat ammo
Soft Point- popular classic hunting tip
Hollow Point- may be designed for fragmentation or controlled expansion good for self defense
Spitzer- Popular for long range hunting/ used in military rifle rounds as well
Round Nose-popular for hunting offers more knock down but less range than spitzer
Flat Nose-are designed especially for rifles with tubular magazines
Semi Wadcutter- similar to wadcutter but offer greater range
Wadcutter-specially designed for shooting paper targets popular among some for revolver self defense also
Heel Shapes
Flat Base-classic base used in most factory loads
Boat Tail-a touchy subject but most will tell you the boat tail offers better accuracy and velocity