The 6 Most Popular Guns of All Time (by production)

What is the most prolific firearm in history? Near as I can tell from my research these are the top 6. They are listed below in order of production numbers, with number one being at the bottom. Can you guess that one without looking? If anyone has any other information or another contender please leave a comment.

6. Marlin Model 60 semi auto .22 LR approx. 11 million guns produced since 1960 ( only civilian firearm on the list) Orig. USA
Marlin Model 60 rifle
5. K98 Mauser cal. 7.92x57 mm Mauser approx 14.7 million guns produced Origin: Germany
K98 Mauser Rifle

4. SKS cal. 7.62x39 approx 15 guns million produced Origin: Soviet Union
Standard SKS Rifle
3. Lee Enfield cal. .303 British approx 17 million produced Origin United Kingdom
Lee Enfield Rifle
2. Mosin Nagant cal. 7.62x 54 R Rifles approximately 45 million produced from 1891–1965. Origin: Soviet Union
Mosin Nagant Rifle
 Number 1: Approximately 100 million since 1946 AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikova type rifles have been made worldwide compared to approx 8 million M16s. Origin: Soviet Union AK 47 Rifle

Runners Up include The Remington 870 pump shotgun at approx. 10 million and the Winchester 1894 lever rifle at 7.5 million.