VERY RARE 1955 Colt Marshal 2" Dual-Tone .38 Special LNIB Lettered

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Colt Official Police

Marshal: A rare variant featuring a rounded grip, with barrel lengths of two and four inches. With a very limited production run of 2,500 units produced from 1955-1956, the Marshal became a true collectible.

This is a very rare, lettered Colt Marshal 2” blued dual-tone in like-new in box condition. The Marshal was a 1950s model in .38 Special based on Official Police of which only 2,500 were made in 1954-1956. The Marshal is distinguished by the round butt, unlike the Official Police which had a square butt. No more than about 500 of the 2,500 Marshals came with a 2” barrel, the rest being 4” guns. During the years of Marshal production Colt stopped the dual-tone treatment of revolvers (unpolished cylinder flutes, back, front, and top straps), so of the 500 Marshal snub only some are also dual-tone like this one.

This revolver was stored for about 60 years. If fired previously, it was very few rounds. I can’t see any detractions on this gun other than a very small turn line. This gun also has the “M” below the frame serial number as seen on Marshals. This gun comes with original round butt grips, in the original box numbered to this gun with original label and attached lid as was correct for 1955. The box also contains Colt brochures shown in the pictures. Unfortunately, the lid of the box was compressed and ripped during storage, but there are no missing parts, and box restoration can be easily done by an expert.

The Colt Archives letter confirms this gun’s authenticity beyond a shadow of a doubt and will accompany the gun. Don’t miss your opportunity to buy a rare high condition snub that you may not see again for years. Please look at pictures as they are the best indicator of condition.

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