NEDG Glock Double Gun is Never Empty!

 Look out Zombies here comes double trouble!!
Two Glock 17's Become One bad-ass weapon!
What makes the NEDG unique is that it allows its operator to clear a jam, or reload the weapon, while simultaneously maintaining it in a ‘live fire’ or ‘ready’ status, ensuring the operator is always able to fire the unit ‘immediately and without hesitation’ – even if they are in the middle of a process that would normally render them defenseless. The combination of this unique feature, as well as it’s capacity to hold twice as much ammunition as a conventional firearm, helped to give this weapon the ‘Never-Empty’ moniker. pre-order here


  1. I'd buy a couple of Glocks for that...

  2. quero um com fa├žo pra comprar

  3. You would have to register both pistols as short barrel rifles because of the butt stock and the front hand grip to the rear one

    1. No you wouldn’t, it’s a firearm accessory like a flux brace or similar because both glocks are removable

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  5. I want one asap, it's just way to cool. I have absoloutly no use for such an item, but if it comes to the market place, I will buy one.

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