Rifle Ammo Caliber Comparison Cartridges Small to Large

Rifle Ammo Small to Big
In order left to right:
.17HM2; .17HMR; .22LR; .22WMR; 5.7FN; .223Rem.; .243Win.; 6mmRem.; .25-20Win.; .264WM; .270WSM; 7x57mmMauser; 7mmRUM; .30Carbine; 7.62x39mm; .30-30Win.; .308Win. (actually 7.62NATO tracer); .303British (Cordite charge with Cupro-nickel jacket projectile); .30-06; .300WM; .300Wby.; 8x57mmMauser; .35Rem.; .375H .45-70Govt.; .458WM; .460Wby.; .50Beowulf; .50BMG (AP); .577NE; .577T-Rex; 12GaFH; .700NE; and finally Mr. Hubel's 4Bore.

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