Pistols that Competed for the 1907 Military Pistol Trials

Colt .45 1907 TrialsArmy Photo
In 1906 the U.S. Army sent out notice that it would be conducting tests to find the next service pistol. A number of arms manufacturers responded by submitting their pistols for consideration. The automatic pistols tested included the .45-caliber Luger, Colt, Savage, Bergmann, Knoble, and Merill-White. I found pictures of all the automatics except the Knoble which was reportedly rejected before testing even began.
White Merrill 1907 Semi Auto
White-Merrill1907 Automatic Pistol/ Deemed Unreliable in Testing
Luger .45 USA Government Model

Luger 1907 Army Trials 45
Luger .45 1907 / Judgement was the Luger in .45 was too finicky about ammo.

Savage 45 Auto ACP pistol
Savage Model 1907 .45 was a close runner up to the Colt

Bergman 1907 Army Trials
Bergman Mars 1903 / 1908 Suffered FTF's From a light Hammer strike
First Colt 1911 Army
Colt 1907 (1911), The Winner of Course