Flechettes, THV, B-Patrone, and Other Unusual Ammo With Cut Away Cross Sections

Flechettes are arrow like bullets used in conventional gun models. It's an armor piercing ammunition that has practically no stopping power, but very high penetration and very high velocity.

7.92x57 spotter Ammo Cartridge called B-Patrone. Inertia pin activated which strikes a small capsule of explosive, spreading the white phosphorous. Shows point of impact. Was used in WW2 against the Russians

THV = Très Haute Vitesse meaning very high speed- Originally conceived in France in an attempt to produce an ammo particularly intended for police use. The intent was to achieve good penetration, stopping power and accuracy lowered recoil and to lessen the "danger to surroundings outside the target";

Credit and Thanks go to Kevin Gross (wolfganggross ) Lots More of These Cut-Away Photos To Come