Taylor Eye Witness Sheffield Hunting, Sporting and Utility Knives

Taylor's Eye Witness Factory Sheffield England 1800s
This is a visual guide to the hunting knives produced by Taylor’s Eye Witness of Sheffield England. Taylor's was established in 1838. They were located on Milton Street in Sheffield England. I am not sure of the date of the catalog these were featured in but judging by the pictures and type-style I would estimate sometime in the 1950’s or earlier. Taylor's was one of the finest cutlers of their time and produced a wide variety of products. Their catalog included table ware, shaving razors, pocket knives, fixed blade hunting and fishing knives, scissors, butcher supplies and “office” knives. A lot of these blades also saw military use in WWI as well as WWII as combat/ fighting knives. The model 3996 & 3997 dagger was also known as a commando knife.
Antique Taylor Eye Witness Sheffield England Stag Handle Bowie Hunting Knife
Taylor Eye Witness Stag Handle Bowie Knife
   Today these knives are highly sought after collector’s items. I currently own a couple of the pocket knives. The folding knives I have are of exceptional quality, fit and finish are noticeably well done. One I have is WWII era model 3060 British Army Navy Sailors Knife w/ marlin hook that is built like a tank. I have yet to come across any of the fixed blade sheath knives. I have honestly never seen one outside of this catalog. I am sure they are out there but probably scarce and just out of my price range! UPDATE: Just found the beautiful stag handle Bowie pictured here!
Taylor’s Eye Witness, Sheffield Fixed Blade Hunting and Sheath Knives
Taylor Eye Witness hunting knife selections including- 3” 4”, 5” and 6” blade models. Handle materials included stacked leather handle, stag horn/ antler, and “black and brass” model 3708 featured a bottle opener guard. Featured are model numbers- 3604, 3605, 3666, 3701, 3702, 3706, 3707, 3708, 3821, 3820, 3992, 3991 and 3910 

Taylor's Eye Witness Knives Fixed Blade Hunting Fishing Bowies Daggers etc
Taylor Eye Witness hunting knife selections including- floating fishing knife with cork handle and plastic sheath, Bowie type knives, large stacked leather hunting knives, daggers, utility and fighting knives. Models featured include— 4013, 4000, 3530 (4/5/6 inch blades), 3710, 3947 (with 5”, 6”, &” and 8” blades), 3948, 3996, 3997, 3444 (rosewood handle), and 3700. Also shown is the 1925 Yachting Set in leather sheath featuring a 3 ½ inch blade made of Molybdenum Stainless Steel. This yachting/ boat knife was intended for saltwater use and included a 4” inch marlins spike.

Vintage Taylor Eye Witness Knife Visual Guide
Taylor Eye Witness Sporting, Fishing, Yacht and Army Knives- model numbers 4475, 4467 nickel silver, 1003 Scout, 4189, 4053 4.5 in. stag lock blade, 4528 stainless, 4529 Yacht, 2444 Fisherman stainless, 3060 British Army Navy Sailors Knife w/ marlin hook, black checkered handle
Taylor's Eye Witness Model 3996 Fixed Blade Commando / Combat Dagger WWII
Taylor Eye Witness Model 3996 Fixed Blade Commando / Combat Dagger Blade appears longer on this example than the 6" standard listed above.
Other Offerings - Pocket Knives

POCKET KNIVES HIGH CARBON STEEL BLADES TAYLOR’S EYE WITNESS - SIZES STATED ARE FOR KNIVES CLOSED 14 3" Lambfoot, Black 16 3" Lambfoot Im. Stag, 18 4" Lambfoot Im. Stag, 34 3" Tacklers’ Black 60 3" Sheepfoot Im. Stag, 130 3" Spear Im. Stag, 166 3" Spear Wood, 564 3" 2 Blade, Spear Wood, 311 3”Peach Pruner Im. Stag, 313 3.5" Peach Pruner Wood, 360 4.5 “ Plumbers’ or Full Pruner Wood, 468 3'' Peach Pruner Wood 
FARMERS’ AND STOCK KNIVES WITNESS 426 5" Lambfoot and Pen Im. Stag, 4412 2" Castrator 
Black, Brass Lining 2079 3j" 2 Blade Castrator, Im. Stag 2080 3?" Castrator and Pen, Im. Stag 
2079 P&T With Picker and Tweezer 2080 P&T With Picker and Tweezer 2081 3" Castrator and Lambfoot, Im. Stag, 2081 P&T With Picker and Tweezer, Jl-" 3” Clip and Castrator, Black 
With Picker and Tweezer 3'' Castrator and Pen, Black 3” With Picker and Tweezer, 421 3" Clip and Pen Black, 422 3" Clip and Castrator Black, 260 3” Clip Black, 656 3" Clip and Pen Black, 4050 3” 3 Blade Clip, Castrator and Sheepfoot Im. Stag, 1376 4" 3 Blade Clip, Castrator and Sheepfoot Black, 4482 4" 3 Blade Clip, Castrator and Sheepfoot Im. Stag

TAYLOR’S EYE WITNESS PEN KNIVES HIGH CARBON STEEL, POLISHED BLADES- SIZES STATED ARE FOR KNIVES CLOSED 2389 3" Nickel Silver,985 3i" Im. Stag 2259 5 1/2 “ Im. Stag, 644 31/2“ White, 4461 3” Black Long Spear, 4470 4" White Easy Opener Ring Knife, 2470 3” White 2256 3" Grey Buffalo, 645 3" Im. Stag 
TAYLOR’S STAINLESS STEEL PEN KNIVES STAINLESS STEEL MIRROR POLISHED BLADES, 4164 3" All Stainless Engine Turned, 4471 31/2” All Stainless Engine Turned 4199 3" All Stainless, 4100 5 1/2“ White Nylon, 4103 3" Anodized Red, Blue, Black or Gold Engine Turned, 4168 3" Smokers’ All Stainless, 3371 3" Im. Pearl

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